Pyramid Bath and Leisure Park of Demjén


Hermit's Valley Hive

The Hermit Valley hive stone is located in Bükkkalja. Beehive stones are rock formations, cone-shaped stone towers, into the sides of which niches and other depressions are carved. A small group of niched rocks can be found in the area of the Pilis and Buda Hills (especially on the Tétényi plateau), but their richest occurrence can be found in the vicinity of Eger, in the Bükkalja.

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Hive of Demjén

There have been many assumptions about the purpose and makers of the niches of the Demjen hive stones, but no written source has yet been found about their origin. Even more significant than the hive stones on the outer cliffs of the Hermit's House is the Bányaél, towering above the centre of Demjen with its 23 niches. Roof surfaces were artificially created above them, and holes and cauldron-like depressions were carved into them in several places – the purpose of which is still unclear.

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Stone Hollow of Demjén

On the northeastern border of Demjen, there is a monumental stone hollow carved into the southern side of the Mountain Stone. The hollow supported by several stone pillars carved out of rock has an area of almost 200 m2. People living in this area often carved their houses and farm buildings into rhyolite wood. In addition to smaller farm buildings (barns, warehouses) and larger wine cellars, stone sheds with huge floor areas, often capable of accommodating whole flocks of sheep or herds, also appear.

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Hive of Milfle Hill

There are 4 hive stones on 2 rock ranges on Milfle Hill. Further south of it stands a lonely rock cone without a niche, which the locals named Stone Bojtar.

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Via Ferrata - Demjén

The routes of Via Ferrata in Demjen can be used by climbers at their own risk, freely and free of charge, in compliance with the track use regulations and house rules. The area can be reached on foot from the centre of Demjen in an eastern direction, with a charming educational trail on foot. Parking can be arranged in the village. In March, a rental service opens next to the pistes, where beginner climbers can rent protective equipment and beginners and unsure climbers can request a guided tour.

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Salt Hill - Egerszalók

The real sight of Egerszalók is the thermal spring rising from the depths of the earth and the salt hill formed by the water in the southern part of the village. The thermal spring flowing down the hillside has created an impressive limestone deposit on 1200 square meters, which is a unique sight throughout Europe – so it is under local protection. A walking path leads to the salt hill, which glows in the colors of the rainbow after dark.

Only 2.2 km away, it is easily accessible on foot along the cycle path.

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Dug Cellars - Egerszalók

In the region of Bükkalja, which stretches from the Tarna Valley all the way to Miskolc, rhyolite tuff stone, which forms the upper layer of rocks, is an easy-to-cut, well-carved material, therefore our ancestors used it to its full extent. They dug cellars, apartments, stables into it and built houses out of it. In the middle of the 20th century there were 33 cave dwellings in the town of Egerszalók, which are assumed to have been made around the 17th and 18th centuries. The last such cave dwellings were still inhabited at the end of the 20th century. In 2011, the apartments were renovated.

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Pyramid Bath and Leisure Park of Demjén

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Less than 10 km from our holiday park lies one of the country's most popular tourist destinations, Eger.

Here you will find all activities in the city:

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Address: 3396 Kerecsend, Demjéni út 51. 

Tel.: +36-70-214-0800


Noe"s Garden - Adventure Park

A must see adventure park near Eger where you can find more than 90 statues of various animals. 

Facebook Page:

Tel: +36 20 505 8233

Address: From the Lidle Supermarket 800 meters by the road 25 toward Kerecsend.

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